HOA Board & Committees

Monthly Meetings held at 7:30pm every 2nd Monday of each month at the Clubhouse.  

As of January 1, 2016 Cameron Creek/Cameron Park is managed by Community Management Associates. 

CMA :  Please contact Greg Wozniak (gwozniak@cmacommunities.com)

Ph: 404-835-9125 Fax: 404-835-9200 for inquiries and emergencies.

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2019 Cameron Glen HOA Board of Directors

President: Mike Pennington (President.CGHOA@gmail.com), term expires December 2020

Vice President: Randy Bateman (VicePresident.CGHOA@gmail.com), term expires December 2019

Treasurer: Buddy Bell (Treasurer.CGHOA@gmail.com), term expires December 2020

Secretary: Pramila Duphare (Secretary.CGHOA@gmail.com), term expires December 2020

Assistant Secretary: OPEN POSITION (AssistantSecretary.CGHOA@gmail.com), term expires December 2020


**For contact information please login and access the Homeowner Directories.** 


Each homeowner is encouraged to participate in our community through one of the community Committees or by serving our Board. Together we will continue to keep our neighborhood a great place to live!

ACC Committee
Donna Joe and Linda Eison (ACC.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Clubhouse Committee
Jan Keown (Clubhouse.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Welcome Committee
Curt Hersey (Welcome.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Pool Committee
Contact Dave Millard or Bill Martin (Pool.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Tennis Committee
Peggy Wilson (Tennis.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Website Committee
David Millard (WebMaster.CGHOA@gmail.com)

Mailbox Information

Address of Distinction

2115 Hills Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318


(770) 436-6198

(800) 436-1647





HOA Board & Committees